Appraisers UK Ltd

About Us

Appraisers UK Ltd is managed by Simon Jago and Peter Foulds.

Simon was fundamental to the setup of the business in 2012, having had joint responsibility for the overall running of the business, including the management of the Client Liaison and Operational departments, since that time.

Peter joined the company in 2015 having spent 16 years working for a leading BTL Lender. Since joining Appraisers UK Peter has played a key part in the RICS Guidance on the Valuation of Buy to Let and HMO property and in developing the technical and audit side for the business.

Mandy Wesker, promoted from Office Manager to Operations Director in March 2022, leads the operational departments.

Shane Devlin, joined the company in 2021, is in charge of Information Technology systems.

The Client Services team is led by Jackie Coles who has worked in surveyor panel management for over 20 years.

Our Quality Assurance team work closely with our team of 10 Chartered Surveyor auditors, as part of our risk management and audit services.

The Appraisers UK Panel Team has the knack of finding the right, well experienced local surveyors for the task in hand. Our team has worked with surveyors we have known for many years as well creating new connections with professional people who are experts in their fields of work.

This invaluable insight helps us maintain the high level of accuracy and quality of work required by our clients. However, this is not achieved without ensuring surveyors are properly trained and remunerated.

The Appraisers UK team seeks to exceed expectations by ensuring the clear communication of competent advice in a timely fashion.

The Appraisers UK team does not subscribe to:

  • the exploitation of the client’s lack of industry knowledge
  • insider deals to pass on knowledge or data for gain
  • negative selling by disparaging competing surveyors
  • discrimination on the grounds of age, race, gender or religion

but we do:

  • discriminate on the grounds of knowledge and performance
  • seek to maximise surveyors' and our own communication skills
  • try to ensure surveyors achieve their potential
  • harness technology to enhance but not to replace human contact

We aspire to only work with fully satisfied clients.