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Risk Management & Audit Services

Valuation Report

This is a brief report in respect of value only. A mortgage valuation does not constitute a ‘survey’ as this brief report is all that is required for mortgage lenders to underwrite a loan. Simple valuations are also used for legal and taxation purposes. Prudent home-purchasers seek the security of more detailed advice on the condition of the property they wish to purchase.

RICS HomeBuyers Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report is designed to provide buyers with all the basic information they need on condition and value before they commit to purchase. It is ideal for most modern and Victorian properties and includes comment on all visible sections of the house or flat. It gives a simple traffic light condition rating for elements of the building so that purchasers know where action is required before they commit. The report includes a market valuation and a reinstatement cost for insurance purposes.

Building Survey (Sometimes referred to as a Structural Survey)

This is the most detailed type of report available and is particularly suitable for individual properties, including large, extended or older buildings. The report will include full details of all visible elements of the building and items of disrepair and defect. It will also include information relating to the method of construction, condition of the structure and likely future repairs. These reports are often undertaken by Chartered Building Surveyors who are not valuers and thus if a market valuation or a reinstatement cost for insurance purposes is required this must stated at the time of instructing.